Amazon Clipper 

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Amazon Clipper
The Amazon CAmazon Clipper - View of the boatlipper gives guests the best way to enjoy the Amazon: on the water, integrated with the environment. The Amazon Clipper cruises are perfect for those wanting to experience the Amazon up-close and in comfort. The Amazon Clipper offers three packages for travelers, with itineraries ranging from three to six days. Destinations include the Amazon River, Rio Negro, and a longer tour combining both rivers. All tours include delicious buffet-style meals, day trips for fishing and exploring, and specialized information from the boat’s guide.

Guests can choose from two categories of boats: traditional and premium. Differing in size and facilities, both offer air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms, a covered dining room with bar, and a sundeck. Boats are large enough to offer spacious cabins and inviting public spaces, but small enough to dock at remote spots and cruise to hidden locations. The boats also come equipped with electrical power in 120 V (AC) and 12 V (DC), and two outboard-motor canoes for side-trips and fishing.

The Traditional Fleet contains several boats with similar comfort and facilities, such as air-conditioned cabins with private toilet, covered dining room with bar and library and a 360° view sundeck. Amazon riverboats with traditional lines are the "AMAZON CLIPPER", the "SELLY CLIPPER II" and the "AMAZON ANGLER". Programs are conducted on one of the three boats without previous confirmation - depending on the number of passengers for each departure. The difference between the boats is mainly number of cabins. They all have the same facilities and amenities.

Amazon Angler (Capacity: 10 Passenger)
Cabins: The Amazon Angler hosts all guests in 5 air-conditioned cabins, with bunk berths (6m² – 9,25m²) and private bathroom facilities with shower.
Description: The Amazon Angler contains 2 decks, on the main deck are located 3 Cabins and a air-conditioned dining room who seats all passengers leisurely at same time, on the 2° deck you find 2 cabins and a bar with library and a covered area for outdoor sightseeing  as well as a panoramic sundeck.

Crew: 01 captain, 02 sailors, 01 cook, 01 english speaking field guide

Amazon Clipper (Capacity: 16 Passenger)
Cabins: The Amazon Clipper hosts all guests in 8 air-conditioned cabins, with bunk berths (6m² – 8,75m²) and private bathroom facilities with shower.

Amazon Clipper - CabinDescription: The Amazon Clipper contains 3 decks, on the main deck are located 6 Cabins, on the 2° deck you find 2 cabins and a covered dining room who seats all passengers leisurely at same time and a bar with library. The last deck is a spacious sundeck with a fantastic 360° panoramic view, as well as a covered area for outdoor sightseeing.

Crew: 01 captain, 03 sailors, 01 cook, 01 english speaking field guide.

Both categories were designed exclusively for cruising on the Amazon River and its tributaries. Using years of experience on other tour boats we made several design innovations to make them as comfortable as possible and still offer a perfect interaction with nature.

The shallow draught allows us to visit locations inaccessible to many other boats and the outboard powered canoes that we carry are used for trips in lagoons, narrow channels, creeks and flooded forest.

Personal Gear Recommendations
Although the climate is considered hot and damp all year round (80-85 Fahrenheit, 30-34 Celsius) it can be surprisingly cool at night in the jungle or on the river. Most of the time passengers will find themselves wearing light clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits and sandals, but for the hikes in the forest they should also have a long-sleeved shirt and trousers, light jacket, good footwear (tennis or hiking boots), small flashlight, binoculars, and personal effects.

Charter & special interests
The boats are also available for charter for your own customized Amazon adventure. The needs of families and groups can be accommodated on vessels ranging from basic, regional, hammock boats to beautiful, sophisticated yachts. Also custom-made excursions can be organized, depending on interests and timeframes, for activities such as: birdwatching, botanical tours, adventure expeditions, educational trips, jungle survival, and ornamental fish tours.

Sport Fishing
On board of one of these airconditioned houseboats, you are welcome to one of the most exciting and unique fishing adventures on the planet. Due to the boats`shallow draft and ability to enter the more remote fishing areas, you will always have the very best fishing available regardless of the water conditions. You will be fishing from comfortable bass boats and head out for several hours of tackle-testing excitement in search for Peacock Bass, not only one of the most beautiful of all fresh water fishes, but also one of the strongest and most acrobatic in the world.