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Marine Wildlife at Bahia Bustamante (4 days / 3 nts)

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Places Visited:
v/   Bahia Bustamante
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Enjoy a 360 degrees of pure nature - trekking - mountain bike -navigation at Bahia Bustamante
Day 1:Arrive in Trelew or Comodoro Rivadavia - Bahia Bustamante
Day 2:Caleta Malaspina
Day 3:Visit to Petrified forest and Patagonian Ranch
Day 4:Fly out from Trelew

Hotels used in this tour
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Bahía Bustamante
Bahía Bustamante
Bahía Bustamante
Bahia Bustamante
11 rooms
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Day 1:  Arrive in Trelew or Comodoro Rivadavia - Bahia Bustamante
Meet & greet at Trelew (250kms) or Comodoro Rivadavia (180kms) airports and transfer to Bahia Bustamante. We will tour through the seaweed village: the church, the old school, the square, etc. Lunch will be served at the old grocery store. Afternoon visit to Gravina Peninsula -by bike or Jeep- with its beaches and archaeological sites. Walk along the beaches “Tobaganes” and “Playa del Amor”, identify different types of algae, and visit Baliza Ulloa, the highest peak in the peninsula, from where you can get a good look at the region’s topography. Brief stop at the small village museum so that you can get acquainted with the history of the region: Malaspina Expedition, the arrival of Lorenzo Soriano, the early years of algae industry and the flora and fauna of the area. Overnight.

(Included meals: dinner)
Day 2:  Caleta Malaspina
After breakfast, tour -by bike or jeep- to Penguin’s Island. Land access to this island is only possible during low tide. Explore the different islands to watch and take pictures of the penguins in their nests. After lunch, and after the tide has risen, we will set off to the estuary, for the exclusive sailing tour around Malaspina Cove, also visiting Vernacci Island, one of the richest areas in marine fauna biodiversity in the entire Patagonian coast. There we can find approximately 100.000 penguins, 4000 sea-lions, and 13 of the 16 different kinds of marine bird species that nest on the argentine coast. During summer, with the arrival of the migratory species, bird population is almost of 1.000.000. Among these species, two of them can only be found in this area: the Olrog Seagull, and the non-flying Vapour Duck. Overnight.

(Included meals: breakfast, lunch or box lunch, dinner)
Day 3:  Visit to Petrified forest and Patagonian Ranch
After breakfast visit of the petrified forest, located 30 km away from the village in the middle of the Patagonian steppe. The huge tree trunks are now petrified, with the characteristic glow of opal, which has replaced the tree’s original organic matter. Walk to “La Pirámide” to listen and enjoy the Patagonian silence. Depending on the weather conditions and the group preferences, visit the forest in a combination of jeep and bikes. Lunch at Las Mercedes Ranch. After some traditional “mates” we will walk to the water spring that feeds the village. We will visit the orchard where the man in charge will show us the different local fruits and vegetables and tell us some tales and anecdotes about the place. Return to Bustamante. Overnight.

Bahía Bustamante is part of a group of ranches that includes Las Quebradas, Las Mercedes and La Margarita; gathering more than 20.000 animals. Depending on the weather and the kind of work done in each particular season “a day at the ranch” can be arranged to get you acquainted with the process of the production of wool and sheep meat. You will be able to participate in the typical activities involved in wool production: marking, weaning, shearing and classifying. You will also be guided throughout the farmyard, shearing area and stables.

(Included meals: breakfast, lunch or box lunch, dinner)
Day 4:  Fly out from Trelew
In the morning, we visit the working place where the seaweed harvest is carried out. There we get to know a varied number of species being marketed by the company, their processes and uses. Transfer to Trelew or Comodoro Rivadavia airport.

(Included meals: breakfast)
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