Pooks Hill

Cayo District, Belize
11 rooms / 4 stars / $$$

Situated within a 300 acre private reserve, is located at the foothills of the Maya Mountains in the Cayo District of Belize, bordering the Roaring River and Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve. The lodge encompasses the site of an ancient Maya Plazuela Group. The unique location, coupled with its unparalleled position in the very heart of the country, makes this lodge a perfect base to discover the sights and sounds of Belize. The 11 Thatched cabanas and main lodge are located in a small clearing with lawns leading to the creek and forest below.

All cabanas are built with traditional Maya thatch roofing technique and designed with the jungle location in mind. Each private cabana is fully screened and equipped with a private bathroom, hot water shower, ceiling fan, and 24 hour electricity on a 110 voltage system. Forest and plaza view cabanas in the main lodge clearing provide excellent vistas of the surrounding forest and the Maya Plaza and are available as single, double, or triple rooms. Two Bird Walk cabanas are set across the creek from the main lodge center on platforms above the forest floor which are accessed by a raised walkway through the trees. These are our most spacious cabanas.