Brazil tours

Aleijadinho's Last Supper at Congonhas

Brazil, as the world's 5th largest country and covering half of South America, offers an amazing variety of attractions, both natural and cultural. These range from the vivid life and excitement of Rio, the vast rainforests of the Amazon, the architectural marvel of Brasilia, the old colonial gold towns of Minas Gerais, the other natural jewels of Pantanal and the stunning Iguacu Falls, to the incredibly friendly and approachable Brazilians themselves.

Aerial view
click for PDF version  Brazil and Argentina Highlights    11 nights from $1999 pp
Taste the fun and colour of life in Rio and Buenos Aires, and visit the wonders of the Iguazu Falls and the equally-renowned Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia. more details
Iguazu Falls
click for PDF version  Rio, Iguazu and Buenos Aires    8 nights from $1679 pp
A chance to combine 3 jewels of Brazil and Argentina: Rio, the Iguazu Falls, and Buenos Aires. A great way to sample the delights of South America. more details
View of the falls
click for PDF version  Iguazu a la Carte    2 nights from $701 pp
Enjoy a lightning tour of Iguazu with this value module combining 2 nights accommodation, transfers, and tours around the both stunning sides of the falls in Argentina and Brazil. more details
Christ Redeemer at Corcovado
click for PDF version  Rio a la carte    3 nights from $679 pp
This a la carte program allow you to visit the most famous coastal mountain Sugar Loaf, which has wonderful views of the city, the bay, and also the Corcovado, that holds the Statue of Christ Redeemer. more details
Meeting of 2 rivers
click for PDF version  Amazon a la Carte    3 nights from $855 pp
Manaus the capital of Brazilīs largest state, Amazonas, will be your starting point to visit the Amazon region. You will see the Meeting of the Waters, where the black waters of the Negro River meet the white waters of the Solimoes River, flowing side by side without mixing for several miles. Visitors can also explore riverbanks and streams, swim and canoe in placid lakes or simply walk in the lush forest. more details
Sao Paulo
click for PDF version  Sao Paulo a la carte    2 nights from $597 pp
This a la carte program allows you to visit the city highlights on a short visit. more details