Galapagos  cruises yachts

Boats larger than 100 passengers are not allowed into the Galapagos, so cruise ships are relatively small and intimate compared with normal cruise ships elsewhere. The small cruise ships in the Galapagos have varying cruise lengths, itineraries and class. Click links for more details.

Eclipse |

Recommended yacht
    Eclipse  Book
48 pax 7 nts
$$$$ Sab

Evolution |

    Evolution  Book
32 pax 7 nts
$$$ Sab

Isabela II |

Recommended yacht
    Isabela II  Book
40 pax 4/6 nts
$$$$ Lun, Mar, Vie

La Pinta |

    La Pinta  Book
48 pax 3/4/7 nts
$$$ Vie, Lun

Legend |

Recommended yacht
    Legend  Book
90 pax 3/4/7/10/11/14 nts
$$$ Lun, Jue

Santa Cruz |

    Santa Cruz  Book
90 pax 4/5 nts
$$$ Lun, Mie, Vie