Some comments by past clients


Birthe B (from Denmark)
Laura We had a nice trip. The weather was somewhat rough, but this was a big ocean -not a small fjord in DK. The program was fine and the guide a very nice person with a big knowledge. The food and the staff was great and we saw those animals, we had expected to see and that was amasing ! With kind regards, Birthe
Patrick S

Sandra, We had a lovely time. Everything worked well, the boat, the crew and our guide Gustavo were really nice, and the 16 passengers got on really well which is an important thing when you´re living so close together. And the weather was kind to us, and we saw interesting places and wildlife. Patrick S.

patrick sinnott (from UK)
Sandra, We had a marvellous time. Am still left wondering that the Andes and the Galapagos Islands are so different and special. The boat was good and had a very good guide on board. We were kept on the move though! Thank you for organising things so smoothly. Ted B.
Daniel Jacques (from USA)

The trip was fantastic, the Galapagos were incredible, and mainland Ecuador was just beautiful. The boat was very nice, the food was excellent and the passengers and crew were very friendly. In all I think the experience was well worth the investment and I would recommend the tour agency again. Thanks again for all your help, you made the planning much easier and hassle free. Dan

PS If I would have to make one comment, not that I want to complain, because this is relatively trivial. The boat had scuba and snorkeling equipment for all the passengers, but it was for rent. In order to snorkel we had to rent the wetsuit and the snorkel mask for $25 for the 4 days. I can understand that if we had to rent gear from a third party or something but the boat clearly had more than enough suits for everyone and they were on the boat for the whole trip whether they were used or not. Considering the total cost of the trip I think the additional $50 for the both of us was a little strange. Personally I don't think they should be charging for the wetsuits and snorkeling gear. Unfortunately I think for some passengers this fee made people tip less to the crew and/or guide, because it was an unexpected cost. That's just my two cents. dj

Isabel A (from Ecuador)
Hola Laura Muchísimas gracias por todo, realmente mi hija y yo la pasamos muy muy bien, no podría sino felicitarlos por el itinerario, servicios, tripulación, todo realmente bien Saludos, Isabel Andrade
Daniel K (from Switzerland)

Hello Laura, The trip was perfect, everything worked very well. The service in the office in Quito was very friendly and everybody there was helpful. The trip itself was wonderful and we are very happy about it. With friendly regards, Danny and Brigitte

PS: We were the oldest passengers on board and all the others could have been our children! But we did everything the others did and were not the slowest.

Shahaf S (from Israel)

Laura. We just got back from the Galapagos tour and we just wanted to say that it was very good and we had a very good time. Thank you for all the admin, it was forth while ! Sincerely. -- Shahaf and Linor.