Some comments by past clients


Tom Newins (from USA)

Laura, Michaela and Fabricio (our naturalist/guide),
I wanted to follow up on our recent trip to the Galapagos. As expected upon my return to Alaska, many people have asked me about our vacation.  My consistent response has been that “it exceeded our expectations, and we had high expectations at the time we planned the trip.”  The Nemo II was a very comfortable boat, with an attentive crew and comical (though thoroughly knowledgeable) guide.  Our guide, Fabricio Carbo, indicated this is the first time he has worked with Latin Discovery and asked to be included in my email to you.
To start, the overview of the tour was accurate.  Laura, I also want to thank you for your add-ons as a result of the changes in the tour dates.  Our day in Puerto Ayora gave us an opportunity to see other aspects of Santa Cruz island later in the trip.  As it turned out, my wife and I met a friend from Canada while walking on a path as part of the “Bay Tour” before our boat cruise.  It was a total and pleasant surprise.  The hotel in Puerto Ayora was also very nice and accommodating.  We truly appreciate all that you did for us. 

Pluses: Number 1 is the fact that we had a small group on board and all (loosely) connected.  This gave us the private, personal touch that really distinguished our trip from other boats in the vicinity. Fabricio also did a wonderful job of timing our landings to not coincide with other tours.  Although this meant some early morning departures (which was as difficult for our guide as it was for the guests….), the privacy on the islands was much appreciated.  Part of the success of the trip was that it was a learning experience as much as a fun adventure.  I even made the guests learn some Spanish (in presenting facts about Alaska to the crew).  The food and drink were plentiful, and there was always fresh fruit. 

Overall, it was an incredible trip.  I have already told several people who are interested in (and have the ability to visit) the Galapagos that I strongly recommend the same team we used for our trip.  I would be very surprised if you do not get a couple more bookings as a result of this trip. 

In closing – Laura, you came through and not only corrected the problems that occurred, but you went the extra mile (or marathon) to more than make up for it.  In the end, your work and help truly enhanced our vacation (we would not have met our friend on the beach if not for the early arrival). 

Fabricio did an exemplary job of leading our group and ensuring that all details were taking care of (except for finding the flamingos). He truly became part of our group, and we became part of his family.  The US Holiday, Thanksgiving, occurred during our trip and Fabricio worked with other boats to procure a Turkey for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Often, it is the small things that mean the most.
Thanks to all.  Each of you helped make our trip positively one of our highlights.  I hope to have the pleasure of working with each of you again.
Tom Newins

Doreen Suchman (from USA)

Hi Laura,

I can''''t begin to tell you how absolutely perfect the trip was.

Nemo II and the Galapagos. Wow, what a trip and what a place the Galapagos is. The crew we had on the Nemo II became like extended family members and our Guide Mariana Vera was a joy. As my daughter-in-law said - this was the trip of a lifetime!

If you ever need me for a reference for people considering using LatinDiscover and you as a travel agent, please feel free to give them my email address. I can`t say enough good things about the job you did helping plan this trip.

Dori Suchman

Caroline D (from USA)
Dear Laura, I am writing to thank you for all your help in arranging my trip to the Galapagos. I had an amazing time onboard the Nemo II. I wish you a very Happy New Year. Kind regards, Caroline