Some comments by past clients


Birgit K (from Switzerland)

Dear Laura,

We spent a wonderful time on the Galapagos and were very satisfied with our guide and the crew. Meals our cook prepared were simply fantastic. We were also very satisfied with the organisation of the trip from your part.

Thank you very much for your services.

Kind regards,

Nathan Winder (from USA)
Laura, I just wanted to thank you and Latin Discover for helping me plan a wonderful trip. I was very impressed with your prompt and helpful emails and repsonse to my questions. I was pleased with the organization of having my personal trip website, itinerary information and with having my plane ticket and voucher delivered the day before my departure as planned. The Encantada was great and I had an amazing experience in the Galapagos. I wouldn´t hesitate using Latin Discover again for future trips througout Latin America. Thanks again and best wishes, Nathan Winder ps. You´re welcome to use any of my comments as positive feedback on your website or elsewhere.
Brett M (from USA)
The cruise was fantastic-- I saw nearly every species I had hoped for (including hammerhead sharks, a short-eared owl, and penguins). The Encantada and crew were great, as were the other travelers onboard. Thanks again for your help! Best, Brett
Jeremy U (from Australia)

Laura. cuise was very good. I wish that I was there for longer. the food was good the guide was excellent and so as the boat. The only dissappointing thing about the cruise was the organisation of the diving equipment. I have my diving liscence but was not sure if I was going to dive or not so I didnt prebook. but was under the impression that I didnt have to. When we arrived on the boat there was insufficint equipment and it appeared as though you had to board the boat on the thursday if you wanted to get the diving equipment fitted. This is one thing where they could organise little bit better. Overall this did not spoil the trip at all. I had an amazing time and got to see all the things that I wanted to see. thanks very much. If I ever travel to galapagos again i will keep your company in mind and will have no hestaion to recomend you guys to friends in the future regards Jeremy U.