Some comments by past clients


Giles Knap (from UK)
Laura, I just wanted to add to Giles's comments from Neil and I. The Beagle was completely stunning. The boat itself is so beautiful and so comfortable. The crew were extremely welcoming and made such an effort to ensure we had a first class trip. I am still dreaming of Pedro's cooking!! They were so friendly and fun to spend time with. Our guide was very knowledgeable and made sure we saw as much as we possibly could. He was also the perfect balance between informing us of all we needed to know but not over doing it. he answered our never ending questions with patience and interest. The crew thoughtfulness was amazing. Accessing us wetsuits as it was quiate cold was just one example. Overall the trip was so amazing - one I will highly recommend to anyone. The Galapagos as stunning - but it was the Beagle and it's crew that made it one hell of a trip. Massive thanks for your advise and help. Sadly back to work now - but with such memories and photos. best wishes, Fran
Giles Knap (from UK)

Laura, We were very pleased with our trip on the Beagle, in fact I cannot think of a way to improve on it. The boat is beautiful and very well maintained, the quality of the rooms and service was better than most 4 star hotels I have stayed in (it even had excellent private hot shower and toilet facilities). The staff were friendly and efficient, the food and drinks were excellent, we felt very welcome on board. There were many nice touches such as hot cocktails after snorkeling trips and one day of navigating under sail. In particular the itinerary and guide (Camilo) were superb, we saw a very wide variety of island geology and wildlife, every day was a great adventure. I was especially impressed with the fact that we still had great trips on the changeover days at each end of the trip. On the first day, after being picked up from the airport we went to North Seymour and were immediately surrounded by boobies, frigates, sea lions, land and marine iguanas etc. On the last day we had an early morning visit to a mangrove swamp on Santa Cruz where we saw large flocks of blue footed boobies diving for fish together. Thanks for arranging the trip. Regards, Giles.

John N (from USA)
The trip worked out great and all had a super time. No substantial problems of any sort. Andando tours did a good job locally - efficient, dependable, on-time. Quito hotel was comfortable and worked well. Beagle worked out great - definitely to be recommended. Sacha Lodge also was great - also highly recommended. Thanks again for all of your help with the trip. John
Katherine Henderson (from USA)

We had a truly fantastic time in the Galapagos. Many thanks to you and Lucero for finding us the Beagle, and for helping us get to Isabela at the end of the cruise. We understand that you both spent a lot of time working on our trip and we really appreciate it. Here are a few points of feedback on Puerto Ayora, The Beagle, and Isabela, which will hopefully be helpful to you for future passengers.

PUERTO AYORA Overally, we enjoyed our time in Puerto Ayora. Following Lucero's recommendations, we visited Tortuga Bay Tuesday afternoon and really enjoyed that. We brought snorkeling gear, but the visibility was terrible so we spent most of our time walking around on the lava rocks near the beach where there were lots of iguanas, crabs, and some blue-footed boobies.

On Wednesday we went diving in Academy Bay. The only other group going diving that day was going to Gordon Rocks, and we are not advanced enough to go there. Wednesday we took a water taxi across to Playa de los Allemanas and Las Grietas, which was fun. We stayed in Puerto Ayora. We ate at several restaurants on the street with lots of kiosks, including Tropicana and Familiar William's which were both very good.

THE BEAGLE The Beagle is a beautiful boat, very well-maintained, with excellent service. The food was good and they made special items when necessary to accommodate Barron's food allergies. Our cabin was lovely and comfortable, the staff professional and helpful, and our guide Camilo was warm and knowledgeable (it was his first time on the Beagle). Contrary to what we were told prior to the cruise, the Beagle has good snorkeling equipment (mask, fins, wetsuits) available at no cost to the passengers.

The itinerary for the second half of the cruise was different that what we were told by the operator. Here is what we actually did: Friday -- Charles Darwin Research Station and highlands Saturday -- Floreana Sunday -- Santiago and Bartolome Monday -- Genovesa Tuesday -- 6:00 a.m. panga tour around lagoon at Tortuga Negra, then to Baltra by 9:00 a.m. We really liked this itinerary and felt that we saw a nice variety of things. They have a lovely brochure (titled "Islands of Fire: The Beagle") with great pictures and detailed boat info, you might want to request a copy to show future customers.

ISABELA We *loved* our time on Isabela. Thank you for coordinating with the Archipel to split the cost of the flight, and thanks to Lucero for all the great ideas for activities. The flight itself was lovely, it was wonderful to see the islands from above. The activity coordinator at La Casa Marita was really helpful, and even though we weren't staying there she included us and organized two days of trips for us, along with other hotel guests. We went to the volcanoes Sierra Negra and Chico, and really enjoyed it, it was beautiful and unusual scenery.

We chose not to ride horses, and the hike was long but fine. Unfortunately we were put together with a very large group, most of whom were riding horses, and walking right alongside them was sometimes difficult. The next day we went to Cabo Rosa, and it was *FANTASTIC*, perhaps the best thing about our entire trip to Ecuador. La Casa Marita helped us find a boat captain who was willing to take us (group of 7 people). It was a 1.5 hour, very choppy ride to get there and he had to navigate the surf and dangerous lava rocks on the way in, but he did so beautifully.

Cabo Rosa was the most stunning and strange landscape we saw in the Galapagos: lagoons with really clear water, lava bridges, collapsed lava tunnels, and lots of cacti. Just walking around, we saw a penguin and turtles swimming in the lagoons. While snorkeling we swam with a sea lion and several huge sea turtles, the other people also saw eagle rays. I think that's it. Please let me know if you have additional questions, and thanks again. Katherine

Helen Whyment (from UK)

Sandra, We had a fantastic trip and the majority of our plans worked out well. We enjoyed our time at Casa Marita on Isabella Island where we celebrated the New year with the owner and other guests. it was a multi national gathering and we were treated like members of the family.

We were given a New Year meal and the wine flowed freely! Our flight to Santa Cruz on the 5 seater plane was interesting! and I am still amazed that I had the courage to get on board. We were met at the airport by our guide for the Beagle yacht cruise.

The yacht was beautiful and we had a marvellous itinerary and an amazing guide- Balantina. her English was excellent and her knowledge of natural history and facts regarding the islands and the wildlife was superb. We thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and the snorkelling and kayaking.

The 3rd part of our trip was at the Finch Bay Hotel in Puerto Ayora. This is an amazing place to escape and unwind. The hotel was clean and the staff worked under the motto"everything is possible". The atmosphere was very laid back and relaxed. There was no TV, no traffic noise and very few children -all in all an ideal place to stay and we can highly recommend this hotel to your clients and our friends.

Thank You for all the organising at your end. The trip was excellent and we had a very very good holiday. I will try and send you a few photos. Look forward to your reply Helen