Some comments by past clients


Barry Silver (from USA)

Sandra, Here is a brief review of our trip: Quasar reps met us at the Quito airport and accompanied us on the flight to Baltra. The charter on Icaro was fine except that it was rescheduled to be one hour later. We were called at our hotel to tell us just before we got on the shuttle to the airport.

Quasar reps retrieved our baggage from the carousel in Baltra and transported it directly to our cabin. This was much appreciated. Our cabin on Evolution was on the small side (as we expected) but the bathroom was bigger than any we ever had on a 5 star cruise ship! The shower was excellent.

All of the crew were competent and friendly. The two naturalist guides were outstanding. The food greatly exceeded our expectations for quality, presentation and variety. The several common areas on Evolution are large and comfortable. Even though all rooms were occupied there was plenty of room for everyone. The hot-tub is a welcome spot after snorkelling.

The excursions will well organized and varied with two choices offered on some days. Many of the people on the trip got very dressed up for dinner and no one wore shorts after the first night. We based our packing on various guidebooks which indicated shorts for all meals.

Some of the other passengers were similarly unprepared. Overall, it was a wonderful trip and we appreciate getting the opportunity to partake of the special rate offered to us by Latin Discover. Regards, Barry S.

Betty Neyer

Laura, I did have a wonderful time. It was a once in a lifetime experience. And Bob and I could not have afforded the Evolution without the generous opportunity provided by you and your company. The food was excellent and the daily schedule was perfect. There was plenty of air conditioning and hot water for showers after our inland hikes. The crew of the Evolution was first class. They had a way of making all of the passengers feel as if we were the best group they had ever served.

The passengers on the ship were very interesting as well. We had a senator, a top exec from the World Health Organization, lots of seasoned travelers and many other good travel companions. We spent some time one day in Guayaquil with one of the crew and his family. It made our stay even more special. We loved the snorkeling. Bob got to play with a seal underwater ... he and the seal would dive down and up together. We did some some black tip sharks and I didn't freak out! The photography was UNBELIEVABLE. With birds, marine iguanas and seals standing still as you walk by it is easy to take incredible pictures.

I also wanted to tell you how classy the web site you built for our itinerary was. I have traveled alot and have never seen a service provider more elegant and classy! Thank you again for all of your hard work. We'll be contact you again when we travel to Costa Rica or cruise the Amazon. VERY appreciatively, Betty and Bob N.

Philip R (from USA)
Laura: Here were the limited comments from my clients. Our cruise to the Galagapos was fine. Cabins the best on the ship and nice to be on that deck. Food satisfactory, would rate the difficulty of the islands visited as hard. Four Points Sheraton in Guayaquil very good. Thanks! JASON.