Some comments by past clients


Jos v (from Netherlands)
Laura, We can look back on a fantastic holiday. Of course it was an adventure from our side to just book a not too cheap holiday via internet. However, from the first contact on I felt comfortable with your approach and the way you treated me as a valuable customer. Especially during the trip where you took the initiative to take care that no mistakes were made on arrival of Michel and his girlfriend has been appreciated by me very much. Would be very happy to book another holiday with you but only when you are our contact again. Best regards, Jos
Hans J (from USA)
Laura, The personnel were fantastic. From Oscar who met our plane, to the ships personnel, they were without a question the best at their jobs. The ship accommodations were great as well. The hotel was adequate, it was aging but the facilities were acceptable. We enjoyed new year's eve on the streets. All in all we're quite pleased with our experience. Hans.
Peter Rath (from Israel)

Sandra, I just arrived back and I wish to thank you for the perfect organized trip. It was amazing, a real life experience. The agent in Quito was present waiting on my arrival in airport, hotel, everywhere in conformity with the program schedule. The cabin was better then my expectation (as at looked in the computer) and a guide with good nature knowledge. The islands are of volcanic origin, the vegetation is not to rich mostly cactuses, but the animal fauna is real unusual rich and special, and not afraid from human presents. The whole think is very interesting and special. I made about 1000 pictures (from both trips) and I can make a video show from then with music background and the whole trip can be seen on TV screen.

The problem with Galapagos is the huge distance from civilization, for every one its very far, but for me not less than 35 hours flight, I don't know how I arrived alive. But I don't regret it for a moment, it was unusual interesting. The lady agent in Peru-Lima came to meet me in the hotel it was very nice and I real hope to be able to meet you too. I wish to remain in contact with you and if you have any idea or deal for the future, please let me know. Again, thank you for all and wish you all the best Your -Dr P Rath

Hanna K (from Israel)

Laura, We intended to write to you as soon as we arrived back home. We enjoyed our trip. Everything went smoothly and on time. The boat, the crew members, the food and the cruises everyday were more than satisfactory. Specially we enjoyed our knowledgeable and nice guide. Best regards, Hanna.

Adam A (from Canada)

Laura, We had a fantastic time in Galapagos. The Coral I was a beautiful boat and the crew and guides were excellent. We also found the itinerary to be very good and enjoyed going to some of the further islands like Fernandina. Thank you very much for all your help in arranging our trip! Everything went very smoothly. We will definitely recommend Latin Discover to our friends. Kind Regards, Adam

Marc Blackstein (from USA)
- our agent, laura, was *very* responsive and helped us with all of our questions - the "personal trip website" they created for us came in very handy - the hotels and cruise that they set us up with were fabulous. the hotel prices were a bargain, as we later found when we tried to book an additional night ourselves. We would absolutely use LatinDiscover to book another trip
Marc B (from USA)
...hotel Silberstein was nice and very helpful. Puerto Ayora had the best food of all the towns we visited. The cruise was SUPER! The staff on the boat was very helpful and the food was very good. The Galapagos are an amazing place. So, that’s all. Thank you again for all of your help and if we travel again to South America soon (honeymoon maybe in Chile or Peru?) I will definitely contact you best wishes and Happy New Year, Marc
Jim C (from USA)

Laura, thanks for checking on the cruise. It went very well and we have very good memories (and hundreds of photos!) Alex, our guide was very knowedgable and pleasant. I think that he has a good sense of the animals and vegetation and the area and we learned a lot from him. I would recommend that you continue to use him. The staff of the ship was very good. They kept things clean and organized and were pleasant to deal with. The food was excellent and I commend the chef for his creativity and his ability to produce fresh and tasty meals for so many people in such a small kitchen We liked the Coral I once we adjusted to the fact that it was the larger ship (we thought we were going to be on the ship that held 18-20 people), and to the confusion about the rooms.

In all, this was one of the best trips we had taken. We only wish now that we had taken the longer, seven day trip so that we could have seen more of the islands and animals. Thanks for your help. Take care. Alice

Gordon S (from Canada)

Laura: I wanted to thank you for your assistance with our trip; it was great. The day we went to the Galapagos we discovered that we had been put on the Coral II instead of the Coral I; it was not a problem since the accommodations and personnel were fine but I just wanted you to know that the operator does do some switching without notice.

It turned out that the Coral I had been chartered by a group. All personnel people were great. Thanks again for your help; I would certainly recommend your company to any friends or acquaintances who are thinking of travelling to South America.

Adam F (from USA)
Strongly recommended.