Some comments by past clients


Nicole Puzsar (from Austria)

Hi Laura!

The trip I booked went very fine. Everything happend like we arranged it: The flight tickets waited for us in our hotel, someone waited for us at the airport in San Cristobal - even though our plane was late - the 2 islands-trips per day were well organised and of course very interesting. And also our 2 days on our own were perfect.

The land trips were very well organised by the crew and the naturalist guide. I really liked the briefing and the white board with our day`s schedule. Everybody was nice and friendly. We had 5 varied days - with a good combination of walking, snorkeling, listening to interesting facts and other activities in freetime.

The long trip to Galapagos was definetly worth it!
Thank you for your help arranging this unforgetable trip!

Best regards,

Giuseppe L (from Italy)
Mr Lobascio have told me he was very satisfy for all the services. I hope to work again with you in future. Cristian Madison Travel