Some comments by past clients


Denise Heimberg (from Switzerland)

Hi Laura,

Espa♦ola IslandWe enjoyed the trip very much - this beautiful landscape and all these animals. The most surprising was that the animals were not afraid at all and we could get really very closed to them! The boat, the cabin- everything was very good, the stuff very friendly and the guiding excellent - we would repeat the trip! 

I send you one of my most favorite pictures - a sealion at gardener bay. That`s how life should be every day!

Best regards

Alan M (from Ireland)

Laura, I just arrived back in Ireland today.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Galapagos, it surpassed all our expectations.  The boat was great, we really loved our accomodation.  Also, the meals were great.  Most imporatantly, I was so happy with the itinerary (the sole reason I chose the Eric).  All the staff and crew on board couldn't have been better and they made our stay very special. 

The guides, Ivan and Adrian, were excellent - very knowledgable and entertaining and they contributed hugely to the fun element. So, thanks to you and your company for all your help. Alan

Maria Amparo Zaragosi (from Spain)
Ron Delovitch (from USA)

I want to thank you for such a wonderful trip. The sights were great and the service was super. Everything went as planned. We were never left alone or put in a bad situation. One of our flights was canceled but we were put on another in 30 minutes or so.

Your people on the ground could not have been nicer. No one was ever late, hard to believe. I would recommed your company to anyone.

Jeannette L (from USA)
....We got really lucky in the Galapagos. Our naturalist was fantastic, we had perfect weather (not one drop of rain and calm seas) and our boat only had 10 other passengers for a total of 12 passengers. The Eric itself is not the fanciest of boats but the cabin is reasonably sized (especially with the double), they cleaned the bathroom two or three times a day (although they ask you not to flush any toilet paper down the head) and the food was ample and tasty.

You should also tell people to bring good hiking boots for the Galapagos as we only had our tevas and had to really be careful on many of the hikes. You should also warn people that both the Eric and Flamingo give a talk about tipping on the last night of the cruise. They actually hand out a preprinted envelope that says the standard tip for a couple is $375 on a seven night cruise. We thought that a preprinted envelope suggesting a tip was very tacky and made us feel uncomfortable. It was also much higher than what you suggested to us ($280 at the high end of the range you quoted) and what anyone else on the boat was told regarding tipping. Also, you should tell people to bring cash to settle their bar bills because the boat will charge a 12% fee if you want to use a credit card.

We couldn't be more pleased with your services. The internet is an amazing thing and we felt that you gave us very fair prices (you beat all hotel deals I could find and didn't pass on any hidden fees on the cruise--which bodes well for the other tour costs. Most importantly, your agency itemized all of the services provided. Moreover, everything was as you promised (you turned my husband into a believer as all of the vouchers and plane tickets were where they were supposed to be). As I'm sure you know by now, I've recommended you to my relatives (Phil and Jan L, my aunt and uncle, and Roger and Hagit L, my cousins) as well as to a friend, (Cindy B). If you'd like to talk about any of these suggestions or the hotel situation in Quito, you can do so by e-mail or feel free to call me. Thanks again....